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Cleaning Solution Easily Extends Service Life of Solar Panel


Nowadays, high-tech energy is very common in our life. One kind of inexhaustible energy that can not be ignored is solar energy. The use of solar photovoltaic panels has brought us a lot of convenience in life. Now let's have a look at the solar panel cleaning solution, because cleaning solution easily extends service life of solar panels.

First, specialized cleaning detergent
When cleaning solar photovoltaic panels, specialized cleaning detergent should be used. At present, most often, users use tap water or well water to clean the battery panels. It is very unsafe to do so because there are many impurities in the water, which will adhere to the surface of the battery module and reduce the efficiency of solar power. According to the current data, the power generation efficiency of the batteries washed by tap water is more than 1.8% lower than that cleaned by specialized cleaning detergent. Therefore, choosing the right cleaning tools and methods is the main factor to improve the battery life.

Second, cleaning times
The surface of solar photovoltaic panels is toughened glass with high strength, and toughened glass has the service life of more than 20 years classically. In order to maintain normal power generation efficiency within the service life, cleaning work is usually needed for once or twice times a month. In the process of cleaning, improper methods or tools would easily cause battery surface wear out, and then affect the power generation capacity and service life of photovoltaic panels.

Third, cleaning tools
There are many PV cleaning tools on the market, like cleaning vehicle, cleaning robot and cleaning brush etc. In practice, we need to choose the most suitable cleaning tools for photovoltaic modules according to our actual needs.
Above is what we are talking about today, and follow the above steps can achieve better cleaning effect, or to say cleaning solution easily extends service life of solar panels.