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Exterior wall cleaning device


Exterior walls are usually cleaned at a relatively high height, and wall decoration is more complex, so most people choose to invite professionals for cleaning. Today, we introduce a product that can help you simply clean the outer wall by yourself.
Electric water fed brush, specially designed for cleaning high altitude exterior wall, solar panels, billboard and glass roof etc.
Brush head contains water outlets, when brush rotates, water will flow out.
Handle is telescopic type, max length can reach 7.5 meter, with electricity wire and water pipe inside.
Water saving design, max flow is 180 liter/hour.
Lightweight design, handheld weight is just about 2kg.

Choose calcification detergent and dilute it in proportion of 1:10 or 1:5. Bottom of the exterior wall of the building is the most polluted. Take small area for testing and determine the dilution ratio of detergent before the large area comprehensive cleaning.
Put equipment’s suction pipe into water bucket, you can finish exterior wall cleaning easily.
If you are interested in this exterior wall cleaning device, please check our website and find more information on PRODUCTS item.