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How to Clean Factory Roof Solar Panel Correctly


Solar panel is widespread on factory roof. And these panels cannot avoid the damages caused by wind and sunlight. So photovoltaic panels need to be cleaned frequently in order to improve its power generation capacity. And how to clean factory roof solar panel correctly? What should we pay attention to when we use photovoltaic panel cleaning equipment?
Firstly, before cleaning, we need to check the pollution extent. If it is only mild pollution, then we can washed or scrubbed accordingly, which not only saves human and material resources but also increases the life of photovoltaic panels. If there is particulates on the surface, it is necessary to flush the photovoltaic panels with water first, and then scrub with brush.
Secondly, after brush scrubbing, we must clean the surface with water again. This step is very important, because this can thoroughly clean PV surface.
Thirdly and most importantly, more attention should be paid to cleaning time when we use photovoltaic panel cleaning equipment. The best time for cleaning photovoltaic panels is in the morning or evening. Of course, it is also possible in rainy days. Cleaning work must not be done at noon or in the period with strong sunlight. Because the temperature of the PV surface is very high during this period, cold water would damage PV components.
Nowadays, the cleanings of factory roof solar panel are generally divided into ordinary cleaning and flushing cleaning. We should make a reasonable choice according to the actual situation. And of course, choosing suitable professional photovoltaic panels cleaning equipment is the most important thing that we should pay great attention to.