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How to Clean Greenhouse


It's no longer difficult to clean greenhouse. You can do it with just one equipment.
As we all know, Shouguang County which locates in Shandong province, is currently the largest fruit and vegetable production base in China. At present, there are about 350,000 greenhouses with a total area of about 600,000 mu. The total output of fruits and vegetables reaches 2.8 million tons, which is the largest in the world.
In Shouguang people's hearts, the greenhouse is the most precious partner, and is also the most troblesome thing for Shouguang people!   That is because the greenhouse needs to be cleaned, if not, there will be a lot of dust and even we moss would accumulate on the surface of greenhouse film and block the sun rays. If not cleaned in time, it will cause a large area of yield reduction, and even seedling withering. However, the greenhouse cleaning is very difficult. Manual cleaning efficiency is very low, this would seriously affect the growth of seedlings.
Thanks to Mr. Wang’s arrival and bringing our cleaning equipment to his greenhouses.
This cleaning machine is designed with double brush heads, which takes the friction produced by the opposite rotation of the brush heads to achieve the cleaning work. The advantages of this kind of cleaning equipment are as follows:

  1. easy to be held
Two brush heads rotate in opposite directions, counteracting each other’s forces and ensuring the balance of equipment body. And because of the lightweight design, hand-held weight is only 3kg, it is very easy to be held.
  1. fast cleaning speed
Contact area of brush head is about 90 cm.
  1. good cleaning force
Equipped pure copper core DC motor with large torque and long service life.
Mr. Wang sent back several videos recording the operation of greenhouse cleaning brush, and they perform very good. Thanks to Mr. Wang again.