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How to clean snow on phoyovoltaic panel ?


Accumulated snow would prevent most of the sun from shining on photovoltaic panels, thus affecting the power generation of photovoltaic panels. So how can we avoid the effect of snow on photovoltaic panels?
   1. installation skills of photovoltaic panels in frequent snowfall areas,
      1). increase the tilt angle between photovoltaic panel and ground as much as possible, so as to reduce the speed of                 snow accumulation.
      2). keep some distance between the photovoltaic modules and the ground, so as to avoid snow accumulation at the                 bottom of the photovoltaic panels.
   2. how to clean up photovoltaic panels after snowing
      1). clean photovoltaic panels before snow piles up a lot in order to avoid photovoltaic panels frozen

      2). do not use hot water for cleaning, because uneven heat and cold will seriously damage photovoltaic panels
      3). use soft tools to wipe the snow off photovoltaic panels, be careful not to scratch the glass
      4). components have a certain load-bearing, do not step on the top of the components to clean, so as not to cause                   cracks or damage to the components and further affect the life of the photovoltaic components
      5). snow removal must be thorough. Do not underestimate the strip snow, small covered part will make the overall                   photovoltaic panel failures, resulting in a significant reduction in power generation efficiency