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How to operate high altitude cleaning equipment


What is high altitude cleaning? High-altitude cleaning is the artificial cleaning technology for the exterior walls of high-rise buildings.

I. Applicable places-high-altitude cleaning equipment
Glass exterior walls, ceramic tile exterior walls, stone exterior walls, plastic steel exterior walls, etc., as well as noise insulation panels, traffic signs, storefront billboards, standard factory (warehouse) exterior walls, sunshades, etc. on viaducts and highways.
Second, the component-high-altitude cleaning equipment
        Adjustable telescopic rod, disc universal brush, water and electricity combined pipe, control box (water-containing pump, speed control button), water suction pipe, word seam brush head, door head waxing brush, hard object erasing brush, wiping ball Sets, power converters, wireless switch controllers, aluminum alloy portable tool boxes, spare parts kits, etc.
Performance characteristics-high-altitude cleaning equipment
1. Lightweight design, easy to carry, light and flexible operation, and convenient cleaning.
2. Designed water volume adjustment and rotation speed adjustment, adjusting different rotation speeds to achieve a more ideal effect when cleaning different media. When using certain detergents, a water volume adjustment function is required to quickly apply the detergent; this function can provide diversification Cleaning methods for more clean environments.
3. Added the function of wireless remote control switch for easy operation and greatly improved work efficiency;
4. An alloy suitcase has been added, which can be taken out for convenient storage and highlights professionalism.
Here, in the end, no matter which industry is not easy on the road to entrepreneurship, it is precisely that if you want to be a successful person, you must be able to withstand all the pressures. There are many young people in their lives. I always feel confused in the direction. Even so, I still hope that we can fight our youth when we are young, because our biggest capital is: young.
As a new market for high-altitude cleaning, everyone has a chance, and only those who seize the opportunity will win! I wish you success!