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Introduction of Electric Photovoltaic Cleaning Disk Brush


Now on the market the most popular tool for cleaning photovoltaic panel should be the electric photovoltaic cleaning disk brush. Do you really know about electric photovoltaic cleaning disk brush?
1. Electrical photovoltaic cleaning brush is a professional and efficient tool for cleaning photovoltaic panels, its cleaning effect is very good, cleaning efficiency is high, and does not damage the panels surface. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of large area photovoltaic panels. High-pressure water pump is used to supply water, disk brush rotates at high speed at the same time to ensure good cleaning effect.
2. Two counter-rotating disc brushes are specially installed at the handle end, so lateral force can be well balanced. The cleaning width of the brushes is above 600 mm. There is also a lighter and more flexible single head disc cleaning brush, which is also very suitable for distributed photovoltaic panels cleaning.
3. Both the single head and the double heads electric photovoltaic cleaning brush have characteristics of simple operating, safe, durable, convenient to maintain, low costing and high efficiency etc.
Therefore, the electric photovoltaic cleaning disk brush is very popular because its nearly perfect performance.