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New Option For Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning


Cleaning photovoltaic panel is a very important work, because it directly affects performance of photovoltaic modules. There are many PV cleaning tools on the market, and which kind of cleaning tool is better for cleaning photovoltaic modules? Now let's study it together.
First, Cleaning Vehicle for cleaning photovoltaic panel
Nowadays, people’s requirements of cleaning work are getting higher and higher, many people choose to use cleaning vehicles to clean photovoltaic modules. Cleaning vehicles can ensure uniform cleaning effect and will not cause the potential breakdown of photovoltaic panels. At the same time, cleaning vehicle adopts washing and water cleaning two cleaning modes, so people's choice will become more extensive.
Second, Cleaning Robot for cleaning photovoltaic panel
Using intelligent photovoltaic cleaning robot to clean the photovoltaic components can achieve a good cleaning effect. And the robot is also more intelligent, as long as we set up the program well, the robot can automatically clean the photovoltaic components, and which is very labor-saving, and greatly improves the efficiency of cleaning work.
Third, Cleaning Brush for cleaning photovoltaic panel
Manual & semi-automatic cleaning brush has several characteristics like high reliability, fast operation, easy maintenance etc. It makes up for the disadvantage of corner cleaning that large-scale equipment can’t meet.
As you can see, if you want to do a good job of cleaning photovoltaic panel, then you can use the three cleaning tools described above. In practice, we only need to choose the most suitable cleaning tools for photovoltaic modules according to our actual needs.