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Operating Principle and Advantage of Electric Disc Brush for


With the development of technology, better tools are developed for cleaning PV panels. Compared to the traditional manual brush, new developed electric disc brush has many advantages.
I. working principle
This kind of electric brush is usually hand-held and equipped with sprinkler system, hand shank can usually be adjusted up to six meters, could be used for cleaning roof or ground photovoltaic panels. Generally, this kind of electric brush can improve the efficiency of manual cleaning by 50%.
This kind of electric disc brush for cleaning photovoltaic panels can be connected to water tap or to self-equipped high-pressure water pump. Its telescopic rod usually has three joints, minimum length is 2.1 meters, maximum can be up to 6 meters. The main accessories include telescopic rod, brush head, universal joint for water supply, water pipeline, water flow control valve.
2, advantages
1). This electric disc brush integrates spraying, wiping and washing functions. It can clean photovoltaic panels as long as tap water is connected.
2). Equipped with a flexible handle made of aluminium alloy, which can clean the high altitude that manpower cannot reach.
3). Connecting joints are usually made of high-pressure materials, which can adapt to high water pressure, and ensure more cleanly cleaning with the help of high-pressure water.
4). There are usually eight to ten high-pressure nozzles on the electric disc brush, which guarantees the cleaning more efficiency and lower waste.
5). Brush head of electric disc brush is made of high-quality nylon, which has strong adaptability of cleaning various photovoltaic panels surface.
6). Elastic structure is usually used in the joint of brush, so that it can adapt to a variety of structural conditions, such as slopes and corners, and to improve the efficiency of cleaning.
What’s more, as long as a small booster pump is equipped on this kind electric disc brush, efficient cleaning can be accomplished even if the water pressure is not enough.