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Characteristics of Household Solar Panel Cleaning Brush


Household solar panel cleaning brush is a manual cleaning tool for home-style photovoltaic panels. It is composed of water inlet pipe, brush head with water fed and hand shank. It can be used as long as connected to water tap. And what are the characteristics of this kind of household solar panel cleaning brush?
I. Multifunctional
Household solar panel cleaning brush integrates wiping, spraying and washing as one. It can be used directly by linked with tap water.
2. Long cleaning distance
Household solar panel cleaning brush has three models of aluminum telescopic rods as 8 meters, 3 meters and 5 meters. It can replace mops and water guns to solve the problems that cannot be reached and cleaned at high and far places.
3. High Pressure Resistance
Household solar panel cleaning brush is adopted pressure-resistant joint and pipe. Once the tap water pressure is not enough, a small pump can be connected, and instantaneous pressure can reach more than eight kilograms. As we all know greater water pressure brings better cleaning effect.
4. Tightly sticking
A mechanical spring is assembled at the joint, which ensures the brush leaned close to the battery plate and then improve the cleaning efficiency.
5. Efficiency nozzles
A maximum of five nozzles can be installed at a time, and the size of the nozzle can be replaced according to personal needs. If the water volume is large, large nozzle can be installed, and vice versa, so that water resources can be effectively saved.
6.Pressure-resistant brush
Brush is specially made of good quality nylon with an average service life of up to seven years.
It can be seen that the characteristics of household solar panel cleaning brush are very obvious, and that is why it is wildly used and recognized by users.