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Do a good job of home cleaning during the new crown


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, more and more people have devoted their part to fighting the disease. The soldiers, doctors, and related staff who rushed to the front line of the epidemic are their perseverance in exchange for our peace of mind. This Spring Festival is also different from the past. Everyone stays at home as much as possible, so as not to cause trouble to society. Shandong Yunjie Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. also delayed resumption of work in strict accordance with national requirements, and at the same time distributed face masks to company employees, caring about their personal safety. Xiangyun Tian, ​​a brand of Shandong Yunjie Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds you that it is especially important to take daily measures to preventive disinfection in special times.
Daily measures
1. Wash your hands frequently: Wash your hands before and after meals, and always keep your hands hygienic.
2. Keep clean: keep the bathroom dry, tidy, and ventilated smoothly, flush the toilet in time without leaving any dirt.
3. Item placement: Toothbrushes, towels and other toiletries should be kept away from the toilet to avoid contamination.
4. Cover the toilet seat: The toilet seat cover must be kept closed during normal and after flushing to prevent the sewage from splashing in the toilet or aerosols from drifting. Pissing cover ".
5. Killing flying insects: killing all kinds of vector organisms such as flies and moths in the bathroom.

At the same time, on the basis of cleaning the household bathroom, a chlorine-containing disinfectant with an effective chlorine concentration of 500-1000mg / L (such as 84, trichloride effervescent tablets) can be sprayed or wiped for disinfection. The surrounding walls and ground. After 30 minutes of disinfectant action, rinse with water. In the home of a suspected or confirmed patient, professionals come to disinfect the environment. Other people in the family should cooperate with related close medical observation and personal protection according to the management requirements of close contacts.
Finally, all the staff of Xiangyang Tian professional cleaning equipment hope that the epidemic will end soon, and the country can survive the crisis safely!