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Good Cleaning Keeps Good PV Panel Efficiency


The actual benefits of PV panel cleaning are very great. Because good cleaning keeps good PV panel efficiency, and further brings more benefits produced by solar panels. However, only by guaranteeing the service life of photovoltaic panels can the power generation efficiency be really improved. Efficiency depends on the quality of installation and the cleanliness, so now let's take a look at the relationship between photovoltaic cleanliness and actual benefits.
1. Quality and Installation Method
The power generation efficiency of solar panel mainly depends on its quality and installation method, these two factors should be taken into account when building the plant, and it is almost impossible to change power station structure after completion. Then we can see the task of more output electricity falls on the cleaning and maintenance of panels.
2. Cleaning
According to our experience in daily life, difference between cleaning and non-cleaning of solar panel is very large. If panels are not cleaned for one month, the average power generation would fall by 6-20%, especially in places where have a lot of wind and sand power generation is even reduced by about 30%.
3. Economic Benefits
For a solar power plant, the economic benefits are derived from the power generation of solar panels. The actual power generation is closely related to the cleanliness of battery panels. For solar power plant under construction, it is very important to clean the batteries and ensure the cleaning of the batteries.
As we talked above, cleaning work of solar panels is very important for solar power plant, good cleaning keeps good PV panel efficiency.