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How to Operate Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment


As a clean energy, solar energy is welcomed by all walks of life. But after installation of solar panels, we will find that many factors will affect their power generation capacity. The most practical way to improve power generation capacity at present is to clean panels timely. So, what should we do if we want to use solar panel cleaning equipment to clean panels? Here we offer some specific steps.
Step 1. Before cleaning, we need to know about the degree of pollution of solar panels, because cleaning operations required for different degrees of pollution will be different. Washing or scrubbing is needed if the pollution is mild and pollutants are generally dust. If the pollution is serious, additional scraping operations and cleaning with detergent would be required. Different operation for different situation helps us to improve cleaning efficiency.
Step 2. After determining pollution situation, we just need to choose a suitable cleaning equipment to start cleaning. We should first wipe off the gray and leaves on the surface of the solar panel with duster cloth or other tools. If there are other closely adhered stains on the surface, we should use a brush or non-woven cloth to scrape them off. Finally use water or detergent to clean panel surface.
Step 3. After the above steps, some water stains may be left on the surface of solar panels, and marks would be left on the surface if these water stains not be treated. Therefore, the last step is to use clean water to wash out the small particles or dust to ensure the best cleaning results.
In the process of cleaning, attention should be paid to the choice of right solar panel cleaning equipment. For example, the best cleaning tool is sponge or soft towel, the best scrubbing tool should not be too hard.