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How to clean the greenhouse


Cleaning the greenhouse is no longer difficult, and it can be done with one trick! !! !! !!
As we all know, Shouguang County, Weifang, Shandong, is currently the largest fruit and vegetable base in China. At present, there are about 350,000 greenhouses, with a total area of ​​about 600,000 acres. The total output of fruits and vegetables is 2.8 million tons, which is the highest in the world!
In the heart of Shouguang people, the greenhouse is the most precious partner, but it is also the one that most headaches the Shouguang people! Why, that ’s because the greenhouse needs to be cleaned. If it is not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of dust will accumulate on the surface of the greenhouse film. In some places, even wet moss will grow, which will block the sunlight. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause large damage. Area reduction is serious and even causes seedlings to shrink and wither. However, cleaning the greenhouse is a very troublesome task. Manual cleaning is very inefficient. It can only clean about half of the greenhouse in a day, which seriously affects the growth of seedlings, causing serious consequences such as reduced yield and seedling wilt.
Until the coincidence of Mr. Wang from Shouguang, we brought our greenhouse cleaning machine to Shouguang, which was loved by the majority of people in Shouguang. This greenhouse film cleaning machine uses a double brush head design, using the motor to achieve the opposite rotation of the brush head to generate friction And torque to achieve the effect of cleaning the greenhouse and greenhouse film.
The advantages of the greenhouse cleaning equipment are:
1. Hold it firmly; the two heads rotate in opposite directions, the forces cancel each other out, so the control is highly stable. With a lightweight design, women can be controlled with one hand
2. Washing fast; the actual cleaning width is 90cm, semi-automatic handheld cleaning products, the cleaning width directly determines the cleaning speed;
3. It is much more dry; lightweight industrial design, the hand-held weight is only about 3kg, and workers are not prone to fatigue when working for a long time.
4. Strong cleaning force, using pure copper core DC motor, high torque, long service life, imported bristles using imported nylon wire, wire head sanding technology to increase friction and improve cleaning strength;
After this greenhouse (greenhouse membrane) cleaning machine entered Shouguang, it quickly became popular with the majority of the people. Cleaning of greenhouses is no longer a problem. One person can clean several greenhouses a day, SO EASY! Never worry about my greenhouse again! !! !!