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Summary of Solar Photovoltaic Panel Maintenance


Correct maintenance of solar panel will maximize its power generation efficiency, here are some suggestions.
1.choose specialized detergent
When cleaning solar photovoltaic panel, special cleaning solution should be used. At present, most people use tap water or well water to clean solar panels. This is very unscientific, because these water contains a lot of impurities, which would adhere to the surface of solar panels, and would affect power generation efficiency.
2.frequency of cleaning
The surface of solar photovoltaic panel is toughened glass with high strength, which has problems of wear and tear. Usually cleaning 1 to 2 times a month.
3. How to clean
Solar photovoltaic panel cleaning is mainly cleaning its surface toughened glass. When cleaning the surface toughened glass, we must be careful to avoid damaging the same. In addition, we need to clean up the internal battery board. There are often some mosquitoes entering the solar panel, which would affect the normal running of solar photovoltaic panel. We need to open the shell to clean up the battery board.