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electric cleaning brush makes solar panel cleaning easier


Solar panels need to be cleaned timely to ensure the power generation efficiency. Automatic cleaning robot makes cleaning easier for large area photovoltaic panels, but at the same time, it is very expensive. Today we introduce a very lightweight and affordable cleaning equipment to you, it is the semi-auto electric cleaning brush.

The tools you need to prepare are just as follows: one set electric cleaning brush, one bucket, and power source.
Cleaning should be proceeded in the morning, evening, night or rainy day. Rainy day is the best time, because rainfall would make the cleaning more easier and the cleaning effect better.
Conventional cleaning can be divided into ordinary cleaning, flushing cleaning, electric cleaning brush cleaning.
Ordinary cleaning, using small dry mop or cloth to remove surface attachments, such as dry floating ash, leaves, etc. For attachment that adheres tightly, such us soil or bird droppings, rigid scraper or gauze can be used for scraping treatment, but it should be noted that hard materials cannot be used to scrape to prevent damage to the glass surface.
For those objects that cannot be cleaned by dry cleaning, we should choose flushing cleaning with water and soft brush.
Compared to the above two cleaning style, using electric cleaning brush will makes solar panel cleaning easier and greatly improves cleaning efficiency.